March 9, 2021 @ 4:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Columbia Township Administration Building
5686 Kenwood Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45227
Columbia Township

 Columbia Township Board of Trustees – Meeting
5686 Kenwood Road
November 10, 2020
4:00 P.M.

Due to COVID, this meeting is open to the public but will be streamed live on ICRC-TV to YouTube.  We encourage you to continue to be safe, stay home and view the meeting on ICRC-TV.


We are committed to offering options for residents and businesses to comment during our public meetings if you do not want to attend in person due to COVID.  We invite you to call Columbia Township Administration or email with comments/ questions to be read and answered during “Open Forum”:

(513) 561-6046


Call to Order & Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval and Signing of Minutes:

  • Regular Meeting Minutes of October 13, 2020

Open Forum


  • Fiscal Officer’s Report – Ms. Heekin
  • Road Superintendent Report – Mr. Servizzi
  • Administrator’s Report – Ms. Taylor
  • Police Report – Lt. Enderle
  • Little Miami JF&R District Report – Mr. Lamar
  • Deer Park-Silverton Fire District Report – Mr. Lamar
  • Trustees’ Reports


  • New Stretch of Columbia Connector Opens – Loveland Herald
  • Murray Path Receives $75,000 from Columbia Township – Facebook


One Reading Only

  • Authorizing a Resolution to Supplement Res. 19-23, 2019 “Columbia Township 2020 Annual Appropriation” and Supplemental Appropriation Resolutions 20-19, 20-23, 20-32, 20-35, and 20-37, 2020

 1st Reading

  • Authorizing The Administrator To Prepare And Submit An Application To Participate In The Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital Improvement And/Or Local Transportation Improvement Program(S) And To Execute Contracts As Required For Buckingham Place And Cambridge Avenue
  • Accepting Bid And Awarding Contract To Rumpke Of Ohio Inc. For $899,996.40 For 2021-23 Waste And Recyclable Collection And Disposal Services; Authorizing The Administrator To Enter Into Contract With Rumpke Of Ohio, Inc.
  • Declaring Improvements To Certain Parcels Of Real Property In Columbia Township To Be A Public Purpose Under Section 5709.73(B) Of The Ohio Revised Code, Exempting Such Improvements From Real Property Taxation, Declaring Certain Public Improvements To Be Necessary For The Further Development Of Those Parcels, And Establishing A Tax Increment Equivalent Fund.

Executive Session

To Consider the Appointment, Employment, Dismissal, Discipline, Promotion, Demotion, Or Compensation of a Public Employee or Official. ORC 121.22

 Approve Payment of Bills, Bank Reconciliation and Financial Reports

Signing of Minutes and Resolutions