Columbia Township Board of Trustees


Good Shepherd Montessori School – 4460 Berwick Avenue

June 11, 20185:30 pm

The Columbia Township Board of Trustees is holding a meeting to discuss the high-yield rain event that occurred Friday, June 1 in Madison Place. Join us to discuss what can be done to minimize the impact of a similar event.
Any resident who experienced water coming up from the drains in the basement or garage should contact the Metropolitan Sewer District Sewer Backup (SBU) Program at 513-352-4900. Those that have contacted the SBU and are not satisfied with the response from MSD may contact the SBU Ombudsman with the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati at 513-362-2801 and request advice for how to handle the situation.

For residents in need of referrals for additional support, contact the United Way of Greater Cincinnati’s 2-1-1 program who can refer home owners to different community services. They may be contacted at 2-1-1 or at 513-721-7900. Residents may also call the American Red Cross – Greater Cincinnati chapter and ask if any referral services are available at 513-579-3000.