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Cities And Townships See Medical Marijuana Dollar Signs


Columbia Township Administrator Mike Lemon points out a location that one possible dispensary lists at 5149 Kennedy Ave.
Columbia Township Administrator Mike Lemon points out a location that one possible dispensary lists at 5149 Kennedy Ave.

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Three companies are applying for medical marijuana dispensaries in Cincinnati’s Columbia Township. Administrator Mike Lemon says the clinics project they could do as much as $50 million in business in three to five years, significantly contributing to the economy.

The Columbia Township Board of Trustees approved legislation establishing zoning for one dispensary in the Ridge and Highland commercial area.

According to Lemon, “This will serve as a win-win for everyone involved.”

He stresses it has to be located in the appropriate place and benefit the township. Trustees have banned cultivation.

Companies began contacting Lemon and it came down to the wire whether or not they could list Columbia Township as their location.

“We actually started undertaking legislation after doing our research on Nov. 9 and then we actually passed legislation Nov. 14. The applicants had to have their submissions to the state on Nov. 17,” according to Lemon.

Many Hamilton County townships have banned both cultivation and dispensaries, including Sycamore Township which made an exception for Jewish Hospital. It will be allowed to dispense medical marijuana to its patients but cannot sell to the general public.

Whitewater Township says it has no restrictions on growing or selling.

Anderson Township allows cultivation in an industrial development corridor along Roundbottom Road and will revisit whether to allow dispensaries in the future.

Monroe prepares for marijuana cultivation

A Butler County city in high demand for would-be medical marijuana growers is preparing to get one, and the tax dollars that come with it.

This is 100 Edison Drive where Hemma LLC will be located in Monroe.
Hemma LLC, according to records filed with the State of Ohio, will be located at 100 Edison Drive near Rivertown Brewery and Barrell House in Monroe.

City Development Director Kevin Chesar tells the Dayton Daily News the company will have to go through a formal zoning process. “They can’t get zoning approval until they formally apply with us.”

Four companies applied with the State to grow medical marijuana in Monroe, but only Level 2 grower Hemma was chosen. It’s owned by Elizabeth Van Dulman of Modster

The New Duck Creek Connector Opens to Traffic on 12/11/17

A part of the Eastern Corridor Program of transportation improvements, this important infrastructure project supports economic growth and job creation along the
Red Bank Corridor

Expect temporary lane closures today, tomorrow and Monday on Madison Road and Red Bank Expressway as crews activate new traffic signals

The Duck Creek Connector, a new road that provides a direct connection between Duck Creek Road and Madison Road at Medpace Way in Madisonville, is scheduled to open to traffic this coming Monday, Dec. 11. A component of Eastern Corridor Segment I, Red Bank Corridor Improvements, the Duck Creek Connector continues the momentum of completed projects that are improving connectivity and supporting economic development and job creation between downtown Cincinnati and Clermont County.

Beginning today, Dec. 7, new traffic signals located at access points to and from the Duck Creek Connector will be activated in stages prior to the opening of the new roadway on Monday. This process will require various lane closures on Madison Road near the new intersection with Medpace Way between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. today and tomorrow. On Monday, temporary lane closures will be in place on Red Bank Expressway north of the intersection with Madison Road between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Traffic will be maintained by local law enforcement officers while the lane closures are in place.

“The Duck Creek Connector project is a product of the extensive public involvement process that identified transportation improvements needed for the Red Bank Corridor,” said Keith Smith, Red Bank Corridor project manager for the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). “The project was planned in close coordination among ODOT, the City of Cincinnati, the local community, businesses and school representatives and is a testimony to the success of that partnership.”

The Duck Creek Connector is one of five components identified in the Red Bank Corridor’s transportation improvement strategy, as outlined in the Red Bank Corridor Preferred Alternative Implementation Plan. The project’s purpose is to help support economic development in the area and provide infrastructure needed to support new jobs, residents and visitors coming to the Red Bank Corridor. The new, direct connection between Duck Creek Road and Madison Road will also help reduce the level of traffic traveling through the Madison Road and Red Bank Expressway intersection as well as the amount of time it takes to travel through the area, particularly during peak hours.

The remaining components of the Red Bank Corridor improvement plan are in varying stages of planning and development. For updates on each, visit the Red Bank Corridor Project Status page on the Eastern Corridor website.

Columbia Township says medical marijuana dispensary is welcome

Published 4:30 p.m. ET Nov. 20, 2017 | 
Columbia Township would be happy to have a medical marijuana dispensary operate in its community. Administrator C. Michael Lemon said the Columbia Township Board of Trustees passed a resolution Nov. 14 that clears the way for a medical marijuana dispensary to open in the township.

The resolution does not permit cultivation or processing facilities in the township.

Lemon said the state will allow 60 dispensaries and has allocated three of the licenses to Hamilton County. The township has been approached by potential dispensary operators and the closing window for applicants on Friday prompted action by the township, Lemon said.

The zone identified in the resolution is the Ridge and Highland commercial area, which is also a Joint Economic Development Zone. The dispensary would not be permitted in a residential area.

Lemon said if a state-licensed dispensary locates in the township, it would bring enormous economic benefits, as well as personal health benefits for those in need.

“There have been numerous studies in recent years that show how medical marijuana has significant beneficial effects for those dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and other serious ailments,” he said. “This would be a win for individuals within the township who endure these medical conditions and would be a resource for people all across the county.”

Lemon said township officials were approached about the potential project within the last month, He said the clinics projected they could do as much as $50 million in business by the third to fifth year of operation.

“This will serve as a win-win for everyone involved. It’s a win for those that are experiencing certain medical conditions, as well as provide comfort to their families by providing the knowledge that they are in less
pain,” Lemon said. “It will also be a win for the township as a whole, as we will experience positive economic impacts from the introduction of this business opportunity into Columbia Township.”

He said the township must make sure any dispensary is located in the appropriate place. The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program stipulates that a retail dispensary is prohibited from being located within 500 feet of a school, church, public library, public playground, public park or community addiction services provider.

“Now, we hope the groups we are working with can win one of the 60 licenses from the state,” Lemon said. “We hope to hear the final results in the next 90-180 days.”

The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy finished accepting applications for dispensary licenses Nov. 17. The board received 370 dispensary applications. From these, the Board of Pharmacy is authorized to award up to 60 provisional licenses.

November 8, 2017 Election Results

Hamilton County, OH — General Election Unofficial — November 07, 2017

Township Trustees
Early     Election Total 
David J. Kubicki 94    38.68% 535 40.17% 629 39.94%
Susan Hughes 90 37.04% 472 35.44% 562 35.68%
Carl Jones 59 24.28% 325 24.40% 384 24.38%
Township Fiscal Officer  (Unexpired term ending 3-31-2020),
Caroline Heekin 109 100.00% 593 100.00% 702 100.00%




10 AM – 2 PM
4289 Ivy Pointe Boulevard, Cincinnati, Ohio 45245

Total Quality Logistics is pleased to partner with the Environmental Action Committee of Mount St. Joseph University to sponsor a community electronics recycling day on Saturday, September 30th, in the parking lot of TQL’s corporate headquarters in Union Twp., Clermont Co. There are no residency requirements to drop off items and ANY item with an electrical cord will be accepted. This includes all TVs (any size), refrigerators and all other household appliances (microwaves, washers, vacuum cleaners, etc.), cell phones, game systems, iPods, Blackberries, MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS units, e-readers, all computers and related accessories (such as keyboards, printers, portable hard drives, and scanners), VCR/DVD/CD players, fax machines, copiers, surge protectors, power cables and charging cords, electronic wiring, and satellite components.
A $15 donation is requested for each cathode ray tube (CRT) TV/monitor dropped off for recycling and a $25 donation is requested for each large TV (consoles, large flat screens, and rear projection TVs). For those without TVs to drop off, a $10 donation is requested per vehicle. These donations help to defray both disposal fees for the hazardous waste components of the items to be recycled and transportation costs. As a thank you, TQL will give a free, TQL Cares reusable plastic mug to the first 120 participants.
RecycleForce, a non-profit from Indianapolis, will de-manufacture these items and shred all hard drives to address any privacy concerns. The plastics and metals are then collected, packaged, and sold to build new components, while all toxic elements, such as lead and mercury, will be disposed of properly to avoid environmental contamination. RecycleForce provides transitional jobs to formerly incarcerated people, helping them to rebuild their lives and increase their chances of sustained future employment.
If you have questions, please call event coordinator Colleen McSwiggin at 513-244-4864.

Fifty West Brewing Company’s second annual “Punch Out”

Saturday, July 8th, 2017, Fifty West Brewing Company’s second annual “Punch Out:” This ticketed event will feature 6-7 boxing matches with participants from throughout the Greater Cincinnati Brewing Industry, including two national beer publication participants from 7-11PM at Fifty West Production Works. Brewery participants will begin training a month prior to the event with one-hour, daily boxing classes at the Punch House with former nationally ranked cruiserweight Danny Calhoun. Both male and female boxers will wear padded gloves and headgear during training as well as the main event to ensure safety. Each fight will be scored by celebrity judges, including Mayor Cranley, Buddy Larosa, and a few Bengals. Fifty West intends to build a boxing ring, a stadium (built on our beach volleyball courts), and a variety of other structures to create a festive atmosphere, highlighted by 40 of the best local Cincinnati breweries serving unique craft beer selections throughout the event. The estimated attendance is 5,000 people. The vibe created by Punch out is one of brotherhood/sisterhood and connectivity, as the brewing community comes together in safe and fun atmosphere to support each other in one of the most unique beer events in the United States, and to sample the very best of what Columbia Township has to offer.

 Residents can go online to:

Follow directions and choose either regular GA seating  (15$) or VIP seating ($30) tickets.

We have activated the discount coupon code: COLUMBIA (all CAPS) which will allow for 50% off both GA and VIP seating.

Massive Indoor Adventure Attraction in the Works

Tom Demeropolis |Cincinnati Business Courier

A company is working to redevelop a former Bigg’s grocery store into an indoor skydiving and adventure attraction.

Frayer Enterprises LLC, a national franchisee of Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Parks, received approval from the Hamilton County Rural Zoning Commission for an adjustment to a previously approved planned unit development at Ridgewater Plaza in Columbia Township. The company plans to open an Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park, an indoor skydiving facility that would also include indoor trampolines, laser tag, mini golf and other family-friendly activities.

This is a trampoline area in the Sugar Land, Texas Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park. The Cincinnati location will have similar attractions.Michael Browning, CEO and co-founder of Dallas/Fort Worth-based Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park, said this will be one of the largest locations to open yet. The attraction, which would be located at 3240 Highland Ave., will fill the entire former grocery store, which is about 65,000 square feet. It is scheduled to open in July or August.

“This is going to be significantly larger based on sheer size and attractions,” Browning told me.
The Cincinnati location will have an indoor skydiving tunnel that will allow customers to fly up to 21 feet in the air. Other attractions will include a two-story, electric go-kart track with cars that can reach speeds of up to 50 mph, wall-to-wall trampoline arenas, dodgeball courts and other activities.
The total investment is expected to be between $5 million and $6 million.
The architect for the project is Nove out of Dallas. Orijin 3 Design Studio is the owner’s representative for the height variance.

Frayer Enterprises needs to build a vertical addition to make room for the indoor skydiving attraction as part of the conversion of the vacant grocery store into a new Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park. The addition would be more than 59 feet tall.

Frayer Enterprises purchased the property, located at 5371-5385 Ridge Ave., at the beginning of 2016 for more than $9.9 million, according to property records.

Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park is a national indoor trampoline and adventure park franchise company. There are more than 50 Urban Air Trampoline Park locations in the U.S., according to the company’s website. The average cost to open a location is $1.5 million.

A Cincinnati location is one of dozens listed as soon to be opened.

A typical Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park, which usually measures about 25,000 square feet, draws about 180,000 guests per year. Since the Cincinnati location will be nearly three times larger, Browning expects it will draw quite a bit more.

“With these attractions, people will drive from hours away,” Browning said told me. “It’s hard to say what we anticipate, but we would love to see more than 180,000.”

The entertainment center also is expected to include a full-service restaurant that would serve beer and wine.

Browning said Cincinnati met the company’s criteria after going through an extensive real estate and demographic analysis. The company looks for a large population of children as well as tweens and teens. The typical Urban Air hosts about 2,600 birthday parties per year.

Browning expects to hire about 65 total employees for the Cincinnati Urban Air location.

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