Columbia Township Residents Recycled 261 Tons in 2017

Congratulations Columbia Township residents! In 2017, we recycled 261.15 tons of metal, glass, plastic and paper. Residents saved resources, conserved energy, and reduced pollution by recycling.

The recycling efforts in Columbia Township:

• Conserved enough energy to power every home in Columbia Township for 10 days.
• Reduced more air pollution than if every household in Columbia Township rode their bicycle to work for 7 weeks.
• Saved 2,286 trees from being harvested.

On average, each household in Columbia Township recycled 318 pounds in 2017. That’s 16.90% of all the waste we generate.

Want to start recycling? Call 561-6046 to request your recycling cart today.

Have a question about recycling? Call Hamilton County’s Recycling Hotline at 946-7766 or visit Love all things recycling? Follow Hamilton County Recycles on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Because what we do matters.

Wood Chip, Leaf Compost Available Three Times This Year Through Free Township Delivery

Trustees announce policy change in recycling practices.

Columbia Township residents who use compost and wood chips supplied free by the township, please take note. The township is changing its policy on leaf compost and wood chip pickup and delivery. This year residents can request either the first Monday of April, May or August for a free delivery.

“No other days of delivery will be available than the three dates announced, so we request residents plan ahead and communicate their needs,” said John Servizzi, township road superintendent. “We will call before delivery to verify your request.”

“Changing this practice will eliminate the guessing of when to do yard work and telephone calls asking for updates on delivery,” noted Township Administrator Mike Lemon. “It will simplify and streamline the process for everyone.”

To order  wood chip or leaf compost  please call  John Servizzi  at (513) 561-6046. ext.301.


St. Patrick’s Day Block Party

March 17, 2018 5:30 – 9:00 – Closing Plainville Road Between Bramble & Cambridge – All profits for drink sales to benefit to help complete the Little Miami bike trail between Terrace Park, Mariemont and Murray Avenue Connector at Madison Place.

Flood Cleanup Assistance & Information

If you need assistance with flood cleanup,
contact the American Red Cross:

Flood Cleanup Steps:

  1. Contact your private insurance to learn about your coverage.
  2. Take photographs of flooded area, structural damage, personal property damage, where water is entering the building.
  3. Create an inventory list of damaged property.
  4. Dry out your home by opening doors, windows, cabinet & closet doors. Use fans and de-humidifiers to lower moisture.
  5. Sort contents & discard waste according to your jurisdiction’s trash collection guidelines.
  6. Clean & disinfect all parts of home impacted by flood waters-walls, floors, closets, shelves, contents.

Flood Cleanup Kits will be available at the Ebersole Community Center,
5701 Kellogg Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45230 beginning FRIDAY, March 2, 2018.

Cleanup Kits Include:
  • Bleach
  • Mr. Clean
  • Dish Soap
  • Cleanser
  • 2 Cloth Rags
  • 5 Dust Masks
  • Bar of Hand Soap
  •  1 Spray Bottle
  •  2 Heavy Duty Gloves
  •  2 Scrub Brushes
  •  1 Long- Handled Sink Brush
  • 2 Sponges
  •  1 Utility Sponge
  •  5 Gallon Bucket
  •  Goggles


Christmas Tree Pickup

For the first six Mondays immediately following Christmas Day, the Maintenance Crew will collect real Christmas trees placed at curbside. All stands, ornaments, nails, wires, disposal bags and other materials must be removed. Please be careful not to block  traffic or driveways. All trees collected will be recycled into  mulch and made available to Township residents.

Holiday Waste Collection Schedule

Christmas Day 2017: Monday, Dec. 25, 2017
Service will NOT occur on Monday, December 25.

Service will be delayed one day during the rest of the week (Monday will move to Tuesday; Tuesday will move to Wednesday; Wednesday will move to Thursday; Thursday will move to Friday; and Friday will move to Saturday).

New Year’s Day 2018: Monday, Jan. 1, 2018
Service will NOT occur on Monday, January 1.

Service will be delayed one day during the rest of the week (Monday will move to Tuesday; Tuesday will move to Wednesday; Wednesday will move to Thursday; Thursday will move to Friday; and Friday will move to Saturday).

Rumpke will return to its regular collection schedule the following week.

Cities And Townships See Medical Marijuana Dollar Signs


Columbia Township Administrator Mike Lemon points out a location that one possible dispensary lists at 5149 Kennedy Ave.
Columbia Township Administrator Mike Lemon points out a location that one possible dispensary lists at 5149 Kennedy Ave.

Listen Listening…0:53
Three companies are applying for medical marijuana dispensaries in Cincinnati’s Columbia Township. Administrator Mike Lemon says the clinics project they could do as much as $50 million in business in three to five years, significantly contributing to the economy.

The Columbia Township Board of Trustees approved legislation establishing zoning for one dispensary in the Ridge and Highland commercial area.

According to Lemon, “This will serve as a win-win for everyone involved.”

He stresses it has to be located in the appropriate place and benefit the township. Trustees have banned cultivation.

Companies began contacting Lemon and it came down to the wire whether or not they could list Columbia Township as their location.

“We actually started undertaking legislation after doing our research on Nov. 9 and then we actually passed legislation Nov. 14. The applicants had to have their submissions to the state on Nov. 17,” according to Lemon.

Many Hamilton County townships have banned both cultivation and dispensaries, including Sycamore Township which made an exception for Jewish Hospital. It will be allowed to dispense medical marijuana to its patients but cannot sell to the general public.

Whitewater Township says it has no restrictions on growing or selling.

Anderson Township allows cultivation in an industrial development corridor along Roundbottom Road and will revisit whether to allow dispensaries in the future.

Monroe prepares for marijuana cultivation

A Butler County city in high demand for would-be medical marijuana growers is preparing to get one, and the tax dollars that come with it.

This is 100 Edison Drive where Hemma LLC will be located in Monroe.
Hemma LLC, according to records filed with the State of Ohio, will be located at 100 Edison Drive near Rivertown Brewery and Barrell House in Monroe.

City Development Director Kevin Chesar tells the Dayton Daily News the company will have to go through a formal zoning process. “They can’t get zoning approval until they formally apply with us.”

Four companies applied with the State to grow medical marijuana in Monroe, but only Level 2 grower Hemma was chosen. It’s owned by Elizabeth Van Dulman of Modster

The New Duck Creek Connector Opens to Traffic on 12/11/17

A part of the Eastern Corridor Program of transportation improvements, this important infrastructure project supports economic growth and job creation along the
Red Bank Corridor

Expect temporary lane closures today, tomorrow and Monday on Madison Road and Red Bank Expressway as crews activate new traffic signals

The Duck Creek Connector, a new road that provides a direct connection between Duck Creek Road and Madison Road at Medpace Way in Madisonville, is scheduled to open to traffic this coming Monday, Dec. 11. A component of Eastern Corridor Segment I, Red Bank Corridor Improvements, the Duck Creek Connector continues the momentum of completed projects that are improving connectivity and supporting economic development and job creation between downtown Cincinnati and Clermont County.

Beginning today, Dec. 7, new traffic signals located at access points to and from the Duck Creek Connector will be activated in stages prior to the opening of the new roadway on Monday. This process will require various lane closures on Madison Road near the new intersection with Medpace Way between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. today and tomorrow. On Monday, temporary lane closures will be in place on Red Bank Expressway north of the intersection with Madison Road between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Traffic will be maintained by local law enforcement officers while the lane closures are in place.

“The Duck Creek Connector project is a product of the extensive public involvement process that identified transportation improvements needed for the Red Bank Corridor,” said Keith Smith, Red Bank Corridor project manager for the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). “The project was planned in close coordination among ODOT, the City of Cincinnati, the local community, businesses and school representatives and is a testimony to the success of that partnership.”

The Duck Creek Connector is one of five components identified in the Red Bank Corridor’s transportation improvement strategy, as outlined in the Red Bank Corridor Preferred Alternative Implementation Plan. The project’s purpose is to help support economic development in the area and provide infrastructure needed to support new jobs, residents and visitors coming to the Red Bank Corridor. The new, direct connection between Duck Creek Road and Madison Road will also help reduce the level of traffic traveling through the Madison Road and Red Bank Expressway intersection as well as the amount of time it takes to travel through the area, particularly during peak hours.

The remaining components of the Red Bank Corridor improvement plan are in varying stages of planning and development. For updates on each, visit the Red Bank Corridor Project Status page on the Eastern Corridor website.

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